Made in Australia - Each Ball Test Inflated and Inspected

The brand preferred by Exercise & Health Professionals worldwide. Used exclusively by Fitness First. Recommended by Paul Chek. Voted the Best Exercise Ball in the World!

AOK started its Exercise Ball testing program at the University of Newcastle in 1996. Their testing protocols are considered the best in the world.

Since then mediBall has been tested to ensure product consistency and performance. They supported static loads in excess of 4,000 kilograms. This does not mean puncture proof but helps protect you from explosive deflation. We also cyclic tested the balls for durability by loading/unloading 500kg over 500 times in 2 hours.

mediBall Pro Plus retains its shape under heavy loads, maximising the body's stabilisation and neuromuscular processes. It is ideal for seating, exercise, rehabilitation and can be used with a range of products. As a seat they improve your posture, reduce back pain and brighten up your office/classroom.

MediBall Pro Plus 65cm

Option 1
  • These sizes are not definitive but only a guide. Larger/bulkier individuals may need a larger size ball than shown purely for comfort and not biomechanics. Using the ball for weight lifting also is best with a larger ball than normal. There is only 10-20% loss of efficiency if using a larger ball size for exercise. You will rarely use a Swiss ball at its maximum inflated diameter. Best results are at 90-95% inflation.


    Combo Sizing - suitable for both exercising and sitting

    45cm ball - less than 150cm (5')

    55cm ball - 150-165cm (5'-5'6")

    65cm ball - 162-183cm (5'6"-6')


    Exercise Sizing - suitbale for mainly exercise

    45cm ball - less than 160cm (5'4")

    55cm ball - 160-175cm (5'4"-5'10")

    65cm ball - 175-195cm (5'10"-6'6")


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